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I will GIVE you all the information you need, including the right products, and the right company to ship from, absolutely FREE! If you cannot wait to get started just click on the link on the left “Latest Dropship Electronics”and check out Chinavasion, then forget about me and do it all yourself, buy and sell your own stuff even. But, if you want to know why and how I can give you this, just read this front page, and get going with it.
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The Company:
I have been drop-shipping for Chinavasion for nearly 3 years, selling electronics both from my website, and as a powerseller on ebay, and I am a “level 3 Gold Seller”, and not far from Platinum.
You can check them out here Info on Dropshipping for Chinavasion

Why am I telling you?
Because I get a small commission (as an affiliate) if I get others to set up and start either buying, or selling, for themselves, and I really don’t have time to do it myself any more. I am just giving you the right links, and you make up your own minds if you want to either buy or sell the items from Chinavasion. This website is mine anyway and just sits here doing nothing, (I only otherwise use it for my email address of w@yne.com.au ),so why shouldn’t I use it to try and make a little bit extra myself. So, if I tell you how to make a lot of extra cash, and you do… then I get a bit too, its only a small bit, but from a lot more people… win/win.

If you goto their front page and check out the prices, you will notice that the more that you sell, the cheaper you can pay for the items, and if you keep going you can make a lot of money. But it is not easy, even though I say it is, that is until you start to get into it and start to make a bit of cash for yourself. AND, if you are smart, and NOT greedy. I will give you an example.

I have included a 3d Printer (linked for sale below) Check it out and buy it from me if you want, (you wont get it any cheaper even if you buy some things direct for yourself)…. but first do some research. Grab the heading and put it into a search on eBay. (then you will see a lot of very successful sellers selling that exact same item.  Look at the prices, they range from $630 aud to about $775 aud. Well guess what…  I can sell it for $595 (with FREE postage) and still make around $80 profit. I have sold a lot of them at this price, and they are awesome, and all it cost me was a bit of time. No outlay, (until you get paid for it you don’t order it) no stock, and you just order from the warehouse, pay them and pocket the difference. The items then just get sent directly to your customer. Go ahead, check out some items, put them in the basket and see how much postage, is, add the postage to the item and then sell it postage free. This is what everyone is doing, the postage is just included in their prices on eBay.

Then go and check out the same printer at Chinavasion. That’s where I get it from, and I just have it sent directly to my customers, and pocket the difference. You will also see there how much I pay for it, and exactly how much profit I make from it. Come on… it really isn’t hard, make yourself a power-seller at ebay, or Gumtree, create or sell in a blog, make your own web site, even go to the markets. (I used to buy little nick nacks and electronic gadgets in bulk  and sell them at Ballarat Markets).

You can sell to anyone you want, worldwide, if you want, and just keep shipping it out from the warehouses, and pocket the profit.

Anet A3 High Precision 3D Printer – Multiple Filaments Supported, 150 mm Cubed Printing Volume, Precision Printing – $289.35
Retail Price: $326.84
You Save: $37.49
from: Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics & Gadgets